Over the past 10 years, organizations and consumers have experienced the most rapid advancement, change, and emergence of technology solutions of every sort. From network infrastructure to audiovisual solutions, to security systems.  From social media applications to online subscription services, to internet gaming.  From AI (artificial intelligence) to VR (virtual reality), to IoT (internet of things).  The R&D budgets of manufacturers along with customer appetite for more, better, faster, different, ensures change will never stop.

As the technology solutions landscape continues to evolve, the way consumers and organizations prefer to pay for those solutions is evolving as well.  Ownership once felt like it empowered the purchaser with value, control, or peace of mind.  However, in today’s environment ownership actually depletes precious capital, handcuffs the owner to a specific solution, and provides no assurances of continued usefulness as the pace of technology change continues to accelerate.

Logically, the use of and access to desired technology solutions has become more important than ownership. And, as a result, we have seen the corresponding development of service model, subscription payment alternatives that are being adopted by more and more customers at all levels – consumer, commercial, government, education, and non-profits. Netflix, Zendesk, Salesforce.com, Peloton, and Microsoft Azure are just a few examples of this subscription, as-a-service solution approach.

As noted above, the environment has changed. How customers pay has become entwined with and part of the value of the overall technology solution.

leasing technology as a service

As technology solution consultants and providers that strive to meet customer needs while being cognizant of marketplace dynamics, C3 Communications now pays particular attention to the how-to-pay part of our customers’ technology solution design efforts.  In fact, C3 Communications now has an exclusive Technology-As-A-Service program which is shaped with all of these factors in mind and which many customers find to be the perfect fit for their needs.

Contact us today if you would like to learn more about our Technology-As-A-Service program or discuss your specific technology needs.