Having bad cell service in an office environment can be incredibly frustrating. Dealing with dropped calls and spotty reception can make doing business nearly impossible. So why does your office have such bad cell service? Below are a few possibilities:

  • Your office is located far away from a cell phone tower powered by your provider.
  •  There are a lot of obstructions between the cell tower and your office building, such as trees, hills, and other buildings.
  • The building materials used in your office could be dampening your signal strength.

Solutions for Bad Cell Service in the Office

So what exactly can be done to solve this problem? One way would be to use VoIP phones while in the office. VoIP signals can be more reliable than cell signals since they use the internet rather than cell towers to take and send calls. This essentially eliminates your reliance on the cell tower when conducting business over the phone. There are also a number of other benefits that come with using VoIP service. These include:

  • The ability to easily add multiple lines and extensions when you need them
  • Integration with your cell phone so you can make and receive VoIP calls on your smartphone
  •  High definition sound quality for calls and voice recordings
  • Seamless conferencing

While VoIP service can address a lot of the issues associated with bad cell service, working in an office that’s well-connected on all fronts makes doing business a whole lot easier. So another solution we recommend is installing a cell phone signal booster, also known as a DAS.

These systems work by using an external antenna that receives signals from the cell tower. The signals are then passed through an amplifier located inside the building that boosts the signal’s strength and sends it to broadcast antennas that are distributed throughout the building. The DAS works for making and receiving calls, providing you with the widest possible cellular coverage.

Interested in DAS or VoIP Service?

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