Securing Your Domain

C3 Communications specializes in Intrusion Detection and Monitoring solutions. We understand that security is paramount, and our advanced systems provide real-time threat detection and proactive monitoring. Trust us to safeguard your premises with cutting-edge technology and vigilant oversight.

Our services include:


C3 can provide maintenance services that will allow you more time to run your company while we can make sure your system is up to date and working correctly. It frees up your IT staff, it can be done remotely (most of the time), and a creates a predictable easily budgeted investment.

Cellular Monitoring

C3 can provide leading wireless communication services to provide a wireless business alarm system. More traditional services us an external phone line to reach monitoring stations, we offer solutions that are communicated over secure cellular networks for faster and a more secure connection.

Access Reporting

A cloud set-up for your convenience can create a customized open/close activity report for your facility. These customizable reports can be big targeted or organization-wide. Great for if you want to track the access of a handful of employees.

Remote Control Access

With the use of your smartphone, computer or tablet you can connect to your intruder detection system from anywhere with internet access. This ability can be greatly necessary if you have several locations you are trying to keep secure and monitored. This system can be coded to send alerts and notifications directly to your mobile device.

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