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Founded in 2003, C3 Communications is a privately held company whose owners take an active role in the business and use a hands-on management style. We pride ourselves on our ability to attract and retain high-quality personnel, and it shows in every aspect of our operations!

Part of our ongoing success has been embracing innovation. Innovation comes in the form of aligning ourselves with best-in-class technology suppliers and exceeding the service expectations of our customers. Our commitment is to provide our customers with options that provide more flexibility, control, and peace of mind.

As a company, we understand that a client’s interest in exploring how to best leverage the use of technology is a direct result of some specific business issues or problems. One of the things that differentiates us from the competition is our commitment to designing a total solution. A total solution is a recommendation that addresses the very real business, technology, and financial drivers that are part of any technology evaluation.


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