Tired of distracting noises in your office? C3 can provide you with a sound masking system to block out unwanted phone ringing, text messages, and coworker discussions.

White Noise Generators

Why add stress to the work environment with avoidable distractions that can be reduced with sound masking? A modern white noise generator from C3 Communications can reduce problematic background noises in your office. Don’t lose your employees to their headphones when you can create a comfortable level of silence that helps workers stay productive and focused.

Perfect for Offices, Schools & More

an office that uses a sound masking systemA white noise generator is commonly used in schools, open offices, hospitals, banks, and call centers. The sound contains a blend of audible frequencies that are equally distributed across all frequency bands. These frequencies provide a sound that masks or drowns out potential distracting noises.

During construction or renovation of your next office, you can save money with sound masking. Sound masking systems require less insulation for office space, require fewer walls, and less expensive sound-reducing floors and ceilings.

Fewer Errors & Increased Productivity

A C3 sound masking system can increase productivity and decrease errors. Research suggests a 40% loss in productivity and a 27% increase in errors due to insufficient sound masking in open-offices. With increased productivity and a reduction in errors, the saving will become clear. It will also lower the stress load on employees, customers or patients.

Atlanta Sound Masking

C3 Communications is Atlanta’s home for affordable sound masking solutions. If you are interested in our services or would like to learn more, please contact our office today!

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