C3 Communications uses the latest and most effective technologies to provide a secure facility that is easily managed and accessed. Video surveillance, access control, and detection notification keep you aware of the setting and provides protection for you and your staff. C3’s surveillance and monitoring services are by far one of the best in the nation for business security systems. We have secured prisons and schools with our state of the art tech.

Video Surveillance is a necessity in today’s on-demand society. Since 2003, C3 has designed and installed thousands of HD video surveillance systems.

Our expertise and volume allow us to design COST-EFFECTIVE, scalable, and easily managed surveillance systems from the industry’s leading manufacturers.

Video Surveillance Experts!!

Our HD surveillance systems have helped keep school systems, e-commerce fulfillment centers, and small to large private businesses safe and secure.

surveillance camera in a warehouseC3 has installed hundreds of systems for our education, private sector, and government clients.

C3’s team of experts will design and deploy a comprehensive video surveillance system, using top of the line equipment and applications available to help you keep an eye on your facility.

Our Services Include:

  • IP surveillance cameras
  • Video management software
  • High definition day and night surveillance
  • Command and control station for monitoring
  • Secure remote access
  • Secure mobile access
  • Installation and configuration
  • Maintenance agreements
  • Live monitoring

Atlanta Video Surveillance

C3 will assist you in deciding which video surveillance system options are best for you. Those options will include camera, lens, software, and storage needs to fit your specific project.

If you are looking for a system to protect your staff, property, or just to monitor your business and staff, our team of experts can help design a system that is perfect for your requirements.