Keep your audience informed with C3’s easy to manage mass notification systems and emergency alert systems. Weather, safety, and general messages can be sent with one easy push of the button. During an emergency, having direct communication with your employees and facilities is vital.

Custom Notification Solutions

emergency message on a phoneC3 can provide services that are customizable to your needs, using cloud-based systems that send emergency and mass notifications with seamless ease. One clear and controlled message can be sent to any customized audience or to an entire network for emergency or routine communications.

Emergency alert systems are a vital need to inform your staff, members or students of any important info they may need to know. Today’s headlines remind us of that every day.

These messages can be sent instantly through a variety of devices, including voice, text, and email notifications.

What You Can EXPECT with C3 Mass Notification Systems

  • Deep-reaching notification system that can reach many devices including phone, email and text.
  • Easy-to-use system that can reach thousands of people and send thousands of messages
  • Text-to-speech recording to ensure messages are clear and in a uniformed electronic voice
  • Customizable groups to send specific messages
  • Send alerts from an easy-to-use system
  • Training included
  • All cloud-based system to eliminate hardware and software
  • Detailed messaging
    • Communicate by person
    • Send surveys
    • Teleconference bridging
    • Geographical messagesmass notification systems


C3 can provide mass notification system maintenance services that will allow you more time to run your company while we can make sure your system is up to date and working correctly. It frees up your IT staff, can be done remotely (most of the time), and creates a predictable easily budgeted investment.