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Over the past 10 years, organizations and consumers have experienced the most rapid advancement, change, and emergence of technology solutions of every sort. From network infrastructure to audiovisual solutions, to security systems.  From social media applications to online subscription services, to internet gaming.  From AI (artificial intelligence) to VR (virtual reality), to IoT (internet of things).  The R&D budgets of manufacturers along with customer appetite for more, better, faster, different, ensures change will never stop.

As the technology solutions landscape continues to evolve, the way consumers and organizations prefer to pay for those solutions is evolving as well.  Ownership once felt like it empowered the purchaser with value, control, or peace of mind.  However, in today’s environment ownership actually depletes precious capital, handcuffs the owner to a specific solution, and provides no assurances of continued usefulness as the pace of technology change continues to accelerate.

Logically, the use of and access to desired technology solutions has become more important than ownership. And, as a result, we have seen the corresponding development of service model, subscription payment alternatives that are being adopted by more and more customers at all levels – consumer, commercial, government, education, and non-profits. Netflix, Zendesk,, Peloton, and Microsoft Azure are just a few examples of this subscription, as-a-service solution approach.

As noted above, the environment has changed. How customers pay has become entwined with and part of the value of the overall technology solution.

leasing technology as a service

As technology solution consultants and providers that strive to meet customer needs while being cognizant of marketplace dynamics, C3 Communications now pays particular attention to the how-to-pay part of our customers’ technology solution design efforts.  In fact, C3 Communications now has an exclusive Technology-As-A-Service program which is shaped with all of these factors in mind and which many customers find to be the perfect fit for their needs.

Contact us today if you would like to learn more about our Technology-As-A-Service program or discuss your specific technology needs.

Having bad cell service in an office environment can be incredibly frustrating. Dealing with dropped calls and spotty reception can make doing business nearly impossible. So why does your office have such bad cell service? Below are a few possibilities:

  • Your office is located far away from a cell phone tower powered by your provider.
  •  There are a lot of obstructions between the cell tower and your office building, such as trees, hills, and other buildings.
  • The building materials used in your office could be dampening your signal strength.

Solutions for Bad Cell Service in the Office

So what exactly can be done to solve this problem? One way would be to use VoIP phones while in the office. VoIP signals can be more reliable than cell signals since they use the internet rather than cell towers to take and send calls. This essentially eliminates your reliance on the cell tower when conducting business over the phone. There are also a number of other benefits that come with using VoIP service. These include:

  • The ability to easily add multiple lines and extensions when you need them
  • Integration with your cell phone so you can make and receive VoIP calls on your smartphone
  •  High definition sound quality for calls and voice recordings
  • Seamless conferencing

While VoIP service can address a lot of the issues associated with bad cell service, working in an office that’s well-connected on all fronts makes doing business a whole lot easier. So another solution we recommend is installing a cell phone signal booster, also known as a DAS.

These systems work by using an external antenna that receives signals from the cell tower. The signals are then passed through an amplifier located inside the building that boosts the signal’s strength and sends it to broadcast antennas that are distributed throughout the building. The DAS works for making and receiving calls, providing you with the widest possible cellular coverage.

Interested in DAS or VoIP Service?

C3 Communications offers best-in-class DAS and VoIP service in conjunction with our partners. Email us at, or give us a call at 404-939-9760 to learn more.

Today’s levels of technology have helped most, if not all, businesses to increase productivity and decrease costs. Though tech does have its own costs, the money you save by utilizing fresh technology is paramount to what you’ll spend. A newer, but still bein improved upon tool is voice over internet protocol or VOIP. This service allows you to have business calls at the office or on the golf course, with the client always able to make contact. The odd part is that even though VoIP has gotten wildly popular, there are still literally millions of businesses who are on the fence about whether it fits their model. Hint: It does. To help you decide if it’s right for you, here are some things you’ll benefit from knowing.

VOIP Can Be Set Up with Ease

Most VoIP systems can be completely installed without ever needing to utilize a switchboard or conventional phone line.  Certain systems may require an adapter for converting analog to digital, but many can be installed onto your company PCs or Macs and come with applications for mobile devices. Adapters like these are usually small and only require the connecting of your phone’s CAT5 (or similar) line from the internet outlet to a phone.

Quality Improvement

From when it began until now, VoIP has come an extremely long way.  The quality has only improved, making it easier to provide call clarity and reliability with voice over service. Today VoIP offers services that allow you to make and receive calls using normal office phones and mobile phones. The quality has improved so much that many businesses are abandoning standard phone systems to upgrade to VoIP.

Lower Telecom Costs

Not the biggest chunk of operating costs, telecommunication does usually require a fair amount of money per month to operate. However, digital services like VoIP are close to a fraction of the cost of traditional corporate phone services. This gives VoIP suppliers the means to charge customers far less than their antiquated competitors in monthly fees. Businesses are now able to have one expenditure for telecom and data, which is also a no-brainer and can really help save money.

The features such as conference, call waiting, hold, etc are just as available through VoIP providers are they are through their nearly-obsolete counterparts. Once again, saving your company money, and improving the bottom line.


More Than Just Voice Calls

Many voice over programs allow your team chat services, video calling, video conferencing, and some even offer screen sharing. In addition to these features, you can see your team’s availability at the drop of a hat, and really keep everyone connected.

Highly flexible phone systems

VoIP systems allow you to do far more than is possible with traditional phone technology. You can:

Have Your Phone System at All Times/Locations:

Connection to a broadband network will allow you to use your VoIP system anywhere.

Use Your Laptop for Calls:

Most VoIP systems use software that enables you to send/receive calls using your computer. Thus eliminating the risk of missing a call while on your device.

Fax or Voicemails via Email:

VoIP allows you to have voicemail and faxes forwarded to your email inbox. This all-in-one service can be a huge time saver and be very helpful to both parties.

Virtual Phone Numbers:

As long as it has a verified area code, your VoIP phone can have any number. So you may use your cell or laptop to conduct business with the other party being none the wiser. This also offers the unmatched advantage of having an area code in a region your company wants to gain business in.

No matter what type of business you operate, a VoIP is a surprisingly affordable, flexible, and always-evolving technology. Interested in adding a VoIP system to your business? Contact us today to see how much we can save and what services you’ve been missing.

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